CXF REST Client Parses Badgefish JSON Data

Badgerfish is one of the JSON conventions supported by CXF. To use it with CXF RS Client, you need to add both cxf-rt-rs-extension-providers and cxf-rt-rs-client to your dependencies. Then you can create a JSON provider and pass it to the web client to make request. The following example calls the D&B Direct API sandbox to retrieve some sample data.

Bean declaration:

public class SampleData{

Code to map JSON to the bean:

JSONProvider<SampleData> provider = new JSONProvider<>();
//Configure the provider as needed

WebClient client =
WebClient.create("", Collections.singletonList(badgerFishJson));
client = client.accept("application/json").path("/V5.0/organizations")
.query("CountryISOAlpha2Code", "US").query("SubjectName", "GORMAN2 MANUFACTURING")
.query("match", true).query("MatchTypeText", "Basic").query("TerritoryName", "CA");
client = client.header("Authorization", "xxxxxx");
SampleData result = client.get(SampleData.class);

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