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Tomcat Server Slow Due To Blocked SeedGenerator Thread on Insufficient Random Number On Linux

Problem: An application deployed on Tomcat server (via Coldfusion11) suffers slowness problem. Sometimes opening up a https page could take 20 seconds or so. The problem was not experienced on CF9 (which doesn’t use Tomcat). And the same application runs … Continue reading

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Coldfusion SerializeJSON Function

When passing JSON data to the UI Javascript, we tend to use JSON data very often. One of my servers is running Coldfusion and I have always been using the build-in function SerializeJSON until I got burned today. Problem My … Continue reading

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ColdFusion Insert a Column Into Cfquery

Problem:How to insert a new column into an existing cfqury and set its value to a computed value? For example, if there is a cfquery selecting book title, price and quantity from a bookstore table, and I want to insert … Continue reading

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Return a CFQuery from CFFunction

Coldfusion is old but not dead yet, so it is not surprise if you still need to work on them from time to time. I recently changed my job and encountered some¬†web apps coded with ColdFusion. Today I need to … Continue reading

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