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Clearcase Find Based on Checkin Date and Comments

The command to find all the matching files in the current directory is cleartool find . -type f -name “*.java” -branch “brtype(main)” -version “created_since(2014-09-22)” -exec “cleartool desc -fmt \”Version: %n\tComment: %c\n\n\” %CLEARCASE_XPN%” | findstr “commented string to be found” the … Continue reading

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Eclipse Workspace Mechanic for Java Code Format in Team Environment

Problem How do you ensure each developer in your team can deliver Java code in the same format (indentation, line length, code blocks….)? Well, you of course know Eclipse preference is the place to go. You can easily import a … Continue reading

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Javascript for in Loop Enumeration Order

Problem When enumerating the properties of an object, ECMAScript specs doesn’t provide an explicit order. Instead it says the order is implementation dependent. Therefore the following code could result in different output from different browsers. Most of the browsers today … Continue reading

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Database Diagram in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio

As a new user of Microsoft SQL Server, I today found its free SQL Server Management Studio can also provide database diagrams, just like the MySQl Workbence does. ┬áThe instructions for creating the diagram and the diagram notations can be … Continue reading

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What Do I Hate for My New Job, and What Did I Do– 1/3

I have been with my new company for three months now and I like and hate it. We are developing very complicated cloud based web applications deployed to a few load balanced server farms, each with dozens of servers running … Continue reading

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