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Eclipse Shortcuts on Given Context

To display the available shortcuts on the current cursor place, you can use ctrl+shift+L, and it will bring up a popup with all the available shortcuts listed. Another of my recent favorite  shortcuts is ctrl+shift+P that can find the matching bracket. … Continue reading

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PlantUML add-in for Word 2013

I have used PlantUML for long time in Eclipse and really like this small tool. Today I discovered that  it also has a Word macro. The following steps worked for me on Word 2013.  Download the macro Double click to open … Continue reading

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Use Java Named Function and Lambda to Handle Text File

Here I am experimenting with Java 8 Lambda feature to analyze the occurrence of a particular word appeared in a text file. The code below reads the file, count the occurrence of word “dNSName” and generates a report. The code … Continue reading

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Mount Samba Drive on Ubuntu

To mount a Windows Samba drive  on Ubuntu for the current user, you need the following steps: sudo apt-get install cifs-utils sudo mkdir /mnt/share sudo mount.cifs //sambahost/sambaDir /mnt/share -o user=xxx,password=xxx where the sambahost is the samba server ip address or … Continue reading

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This is to extend my last post that describes a problem of running 32bit program on 64bit Linux. Today I am going to post a solution to make it happen. The steps are sudo -i dpkg –add-architecture i386 apt-get install … Continue reading

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Linux “No such file or directory” When Running a Program

When you attempt to run a file (not a dead link) that exists in a directory and is executable to everyone, you get an error complaining it can’t run the file because of “No such file or directory”. Can this … Continue reading

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Return a CFQuery from CFFunction

Coldfusion is old but not dead yet, so it is not surprise if you still need to work on them from time to time. I recently changed my job and encountered some web apps coded with ColdFusion. Today I need to … Continue reading

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