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Groovy Text File Pattern Substitution

I needed to substitute all the patterns “${any letter}” with some predefined replacement strings today, and the pattern could appear any times on the same line. This is the code snippet I came up in Groovy to complete the mission. … Continue reading

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Linux WiFi Driver (BackPorts) ARM Cross Compile

This is a link to one of my previous works aiming to backport the latest (in Linux 3.11 kernel tree) WiFi chipset driver to ARM based Linux kernel 2.6.39.

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Which Java Thread Is Hogging CPU

Recently I needed to investigate a CPU overload problem on an embedded system, which ran Oracle EJRE with limited processor power and memory. At the problem time, the Java process took more than 80% of the CPU time. A java … Continue reading

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Obfuscate Dagger Code with ProGuard

Since upgraded to┬áDagger 1.1.0, the original used obfuscator yGuard was not happy anymore due to “$$” in the Dagger generated adapter class names. Switching to ProGuard (4.10) can fix the problem. Here is the ProGuard configuration that works for the … Continue reading

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