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Concatenating Row Values in T-SQL

Assuming you have a table like and you want to print out a row containing all the players and games for a given gameId like Then you can use query

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Build Your Vagrant Box From Scratch

Introduction: Vagrant Box Did you ever experience the pain after your DEV PC crashed? Or the tedious steps to help a new hire to set up his DEV environment? If so, you may be interested in reading the post. The … Continue reading

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CXF SOAP Client Example to Use Plain Text Password Authentication

CXF SOAP client can be configured to support various web authentication strategies via its out WSS4JOutInterceptor. For example it can be configured to support plain text username/password or digest based authentication. This post will show the plain text case.  First … Continue reading

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CXF REST Client Parses Badgefish JSON Data

Badgerfish is one of the JSON conventions supported by CXF. To use it with CXF RS Client, you need to add both cxf-rt-rs-extension-providers and cxf-rt-rs-client to your dependencies. Then you can create a JSON provider and pass it to the … Continue reading

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JConsole Connection Failed

It is very annoying when you see JConsole failed to attach to a runtime with simply tells you “The connection to pid did not succeed. Would you like to try again?”. This is a completely useless message. How to troubleshooting … Continue reading

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ActiveMQ Message Expiration

When a message is produced, you can specify its timeToLive in milliseconds. This duration is added to the message every time when the message failed to be consumed. If there is no attempt to consume the message (i.e. consumer detached) … Continue reading

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Isn’t our code beautiful?

Are we programmers artists? Everyone has to agree once they see our artworks. Our two secret paint brushes are GIT and Gource. To see your art own artwork, follow the two steps: install Gource run command “gource” from your local git … Continue reading

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Use SpringBoot to Deploy ActiveMQ Broker to Tomcat 3/3

ActiveMQ supports LeaseDatabaseLocker in its recent releases to increase its reliability when handling database failover. With the previous default database locker, the master broker holds the lock until it initiates a request to release the lock. This is problematic when … Continue reading

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Hibernate Fetch Lazy Child Entities with HQL and Native SQL

In one-to-many or many-to-many relationship, we often configure Hibernate to lazily fetch the children collection for performance reasons by reducing the database join operation and the amount of the data been pulled and transmitted from database to application. The application, … Continue reading

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Use Hamcrest Matchers in JMockIt

JMockIt, when used together with Hamcrest matchers, can sometimes create very flexible verifications in unit test. This is demonstrated in the gist here. The test class GameConrollerTest defines a test target (with @Tested) and a mocked object (in this case … Continue reading

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