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Coldfusion SerializeJSON Function

When passing JSON data to the UI Javascript, we tend to use JSON data very often. One of my servers is running Coldfusion and I have always been using the build-in function SerializeJSON until I got burned today. Problem My … Continue reading

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SQL Join Review

Here I just re-post a nice SQL JOIN diagram from stackoverflow by Lasse V. Karlsen, and adding a few examples to further illustrated the joins. Examples: First let’s create two tables and insert some data. The tables now look like … Continue reading

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ColdFusion Insert a Column Into Cfquery

Problem:How to insert a new column into an existing cfqury and set its value to a computed value? For example, if there is a cfquery selecting book title, price and quantity from a bookstore table, and I want to insert … Continue reading

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Eclipse Force Return at Debug Time

If you ever want to force Eclipse debugger to return prematurely, you can follow the three simple steps as shown in the attached screenshot.   Step#1: Put a breakpoint at where you want the premature return to happen, start to … Continue reading

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