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Excel Copy Column Value Based On Another Column Value Lookup

Problem: One Excel sheet named “Account Info” contains accountnumber and account name. The other sheet named “Order Info” contains order mapping between orderid and accountnumber. Now we need to add another column to the second sheet to show the matching … Continue reading

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Excel Concatenate String With Cell Value

You can use the “&” operator for this purpose, see the attached screenshot.

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Java Read Excel Files Using Apache POI

Apache POI is a Java library for processing Microsoft Office files. Here below are a few limited examples of its operation on Excel files(both in xls and xlsx format). Maven POM Add the following dependency into your project pom.xml file … Continue reading

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Excel Macro: Use VBA to Copy Column Data Into Rows

In this blog, I will demonstrate how to copy data from a complicated Excel spreedsheet and paste it into another worksheet with a VBA macro. Problem Scenario Very often, you have a complicated worksheet and you want to flat the … Continue reading

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