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Query the In-memory HSQLDB When Integrated With Hibernate

HSQLDB in-memory database is often used with Hibernate for testing, prototyping and even in production environment. With Hibernate, you can perform powerful database operations either using the ORM based APIs, HSQL or native SQL. As a developer, sometimes you want … Continue reading

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PageSpeed Insight – Test Your Web Page Loading Speed

PageSPeed Insight is provided by Google to test your web pages loading speed and give you advice on how to make them faster. Simply copy your web page URL and paste to the page to have a try.

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One AJAX Pitfall Demoed with jQuery Mockjax

This blog briefly outlines one Ajax pitfall that can lead to inconsistency between user input and the rendered ajax response. I encountered this problem when developing a network management application where user can click a network node from browser then … Continue reading

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Copy or Duplicate a Database Record in SQL

There are a few ways to copy all the column values from a record (except for the auto-generated identity) into a new row. If the table only has a few columns (for example, a BookStore table has storeId as its … Continue reading

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SQL Finds and Deletes Duplicated Rows From a Table

Problem A table contains some rows with duplicated information caused by bugs. Now the bugs have been fixed, and you want to delete the duplicates to clean up the table. For example, from the OrderAudit table below, you want to … Continue reading

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