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Spring Bean Configure XML Accessing Context.xml JNDI Resources

Tomcat context.xml can expose environment variables accessible by Spring bean configuration xml files. Problem: Sometimes you want to externalize some application properties, such as password or QA/Production specific settings, used by Spring beans. There are a few options for doing so … Continue reading

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Use SpringBoot to Deploy ActiveMQ Broker to Tomcat-2/3

This post is to continue the first part of the same topic. It mainly covers: Use commercial database as the data store Use the embedded Tomcat to manage the data source connection pool Background Despite the fact that the ActiveMQ … Continue reading

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Use SpringBoot to Deploy ActiveMQ Broker to Tomcat 1/3

This topic has three parts. Also See part2 in next post and part3. ActiveMQ can be installed as a standalone server, or it can run within other containers, such as Spring or web containers. When deploying in Tomcat, you have the options of … Continue reading

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Cleanup Stale Hibernate Session in Tomcat

Problem: When Hibernate is configured to use thread based session management, a thread may get stuck (unable to unbind) with a closed session under certain condition, therefore all subsequent incoming HTTP calls assigned to such a thread would fail until … Continue reading

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Tomcat Server Slow Due To Blocked SeedGenerator Thread on Insufficient Random Number On Linux

Problem: An application deployed on Tomcat server (via Coldfusion11) suffers slowness problem. Sometimes opening up a https page could take 20 seconds or so. The problem was not experienced on CF9 (which doesn’t use Tomcat). And the same application runs … Continue reading

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