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Tomcat Server Slow Due To Blocked SeedGenerator Thread on Insufficient Random Number On Linux

Problem: An application deployed on Tomcat server (via Coldfusion11) suffers slowness problem. Sometimes opening up a https page could take 20 seconds or so. The problem was not experienced on CF9 (which doesn’t use Tomcat). And the same application runs … Continue reading

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This is to extend my last post that describes a problem of running 32bit program on 64bit Linux. Today I am going to post a solution to make it happen. The steps are sudo -i dpkg –add-architecture i386 apt-get install … Continue reading

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Linux “No such file or directory” When Running a Program

When you attempt to run a file (not a dead link) that exists in a directory and is executable to everyone, you get an error complaining it can’t run the file because of “No such file or directory”. Can this … Continue reading

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Install VirtualBox Guest Additions

After upgrading my VirtualBox to 4.3.6 and installing Kubuntu 13.10, I had some problems to install the Guest Additions. After a few hours struggling, I made it work eventually. Here is the notes: Step #1: Make sure the Guest Additions … Continue reading

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Linux WiFi Driver (BackPorts) ARM Cross Compile

This is a link to one of my previous works aiming to backport the latest (in Linux 3.11 kernel tree) WiFi chipset driver to ARM based Linux kernel 2.6.39.

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