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Use SpringBoot to Deploy ActiveMQ Broker to Tomcat 1/3

This topic has three parts. Also See part2 in next post and part3. ActiveMQ can be installed as a standalone server, or it can run within other containers, such as Spring or web containers. When deploying in Tomcat, you have the options of … Continue reading

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Use JIRA as Your Workflow Engine

The main advantage of JIRA, by comparing to the most of other Java Workflow engines, is that it is an issue centric system. It does not only provide workflow management for issues, but also provides other issue oriented functionalities such as … Continue reading

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Parse X509Certificate to JSON

Parsing a X509Certificate file into JSON object in string using groovy is demonstrated here. The helper class can be found below as

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Cleanup Stale Hibernate Session in Tomcat

Problem: When Hibernate is configured to use thread based session management, a thread may get stuck (unable to unbind) with a closed session under certain condition, therefore all subsequent incoming HTTP calls assigned to such a thread would fail until … Continue reading

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Gradle Task to Validate Clover On OFF Comment

One way to tell Clover to skip instrumentation of a chunk of code is to enclose the code with “/// CLOVER:OFF” and “/// CLOVER:ON”. For example, you may want to skip the JMockit expectation and verifications chunks. /// CLOVER:OFF new … Continue reading

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Nested HTML Table

One way to write a nested html table is to use the colspan and rowpsan attributes and here is a demo from my gist, which produce the following table.  

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Yukes! The Space in @WebParam

Today I really got a bite after so many years in web application coding. It is the extra space character in the @WebParam. Problem I had a working soap based webservice API then decided to add a new parameter to … Continue reading

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