Yukes! The Space in @WebParam

Today I really got a bite after so many years in web application coding. It is the extra space character in the @WebParam.


I had a working soap based webservice API then decided to add a new parameter to the interface. Then I started to get the following error from the service code:

Unmarshalling Error: unexpected element (uri:"", local:"author"). Expected elements are &lt;{}author >,&lt;{}isbn>,&lt;{}publishDate>,&lt;{}stockedSince>,&lt;{}title ></faultstring> 


After failing to identify the cause by closely examining the wsdl schema, double checking service deployment and decompiling the service interface, I started to play the Soap UI to shuffle the request parameter order, rename the parameters,etc. then I noticed the extra space in the fault string above. Now everything makes sense.

In the service interface, the argument is declared as “@WebParam(name = “author “) with a trailing space character copy/pasted from somewhere else. The space got removed by Jax-ws when creating WSDL document so the client side only sees “author”. When Jax-ws unmarshalling the request parameter without the trailing space, it failed to match it to the @WebParam annotated one with the trailing space.


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