Trace Deadlocks with SQL Server Profiler

Deadlocks can happen at anytime and processes compete for locks, threads, memory or other shareable resources. SQL server periodically detected deadlocks and kill one of the blocking one as victim. In many cases, we want to know the processes involved in order to eliminate or reduce the deadlock conditions.

Here is a step by step instruction on how to capture the deadlocks with Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio.

  • Go to Tools -> SQL Server Profiler
  • Enter your credentials to connect to the database on the popup
  • From the Trace Properties->General tabe, enter the Trace Name, Use the template (drop down and select Blank), Save to File (or table)
  • Trace_property_general

  • Go to the Events Selection tab, expand Locks, select Deadlock graph
  • Trace_property_events

  • Config the extract settings on the Events Extraction Settings tab
  • Trace_property_extraction_settings

  • Click Run button
  • Once you have deadlocks captured, you can open and view the graphs by File->Open from SQL Profiler.

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