Java 8 Stream and Collector

Recently I need to generate a report based on a database query result, I ended up using Java 8 stream and collector and was surprised how easy it was.


To generate a report on each person’s home country based on his/her city stored in a CSV file (“D:\\My Data\\test.txt”) below:

John Smith, 12345, New York
Mary Tommy, 23456, Toronto


public class Test {

 public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException {

 String inputDataFileName = "D:\\My Data\\test.txt";

 Function<String, Person> parseLine = s -> {
 try {
 String[] tokens = s.split(",");
 return new Person(tokens[0].trim(), tokens[1].trim(), tokens[2].trim());
 } catch (Exception e) {
 return null;

 Function<Person, String> findCountry = p -> {
 switch (p.getCity()) {
 case "New York":
 return "USA";
 case "Toronto":
 return "Canada";
 return "Unknown";

 Map<String, String> collect =
 filter(s -> !s.contains("---"))
 .map(s -> parseLine.apply(s))
 .filter(p -> p != null)
 .collect(Collectors.toMap(Person::getName, p -> findCountry.apply(p)));
 for (String key : collect.keySet()) {
 System.out.println(key + " is from " + collect.get(key));


  1. Line 7 and 16 define two named functions for easier debug. If lambda is used, it is not easy to see what’s going on in IDE;
  2. Line 28 reads the text file into a stream
  3. Line 29 filters the stream
  4. Line 30 transforms the original string stream into a person object stream
  5. Line 31 filters the person object stream
  6. Line 32 uses the build-in Collectors.toMap to convert the stream into a map, where you can see the key of the map is simply the person’s name and the value is computed by the function findCountry.
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